Update staff

This page will help you get started with Update Staff.

API url
Staging: https://app.staging.rohealth.ng/api/external/staff/{{id}}
Production: https://app.rohealth.ng/api/external/staff/{{id}}

Staff id or uuid can be a variable
Sample id = 8902 or uuid = 8d1c7d3e-6c34-459f-8e37-5d70ade2d8df
PUT request

Below is the body payload

    "mobile": "string(optional)",
    "budget": 0,
    "email": "string(optional)",
    "first_name": "string(optional)",
    "last_name": "string(optional)",
    "dob": "dd-mm-yy(optional)",
    "gender": "Male",
    "address": "String(optional)",
    "city": "String(optional)",
    "pre_condition": false,
    "country": "String(optional)",
    "marital_status": "String(optional)",
    "state": "String(optional)"

N.B: No string is allowed to be empty.
Either pass few strings that need updates OR Pass the full body with edited details.

In the sample body payload below, only the phone number field was passed for editing.

    "mobile": "2348119204141"

Sample response body below:

    "status": {
        "code": 100,
        "desc": "Employee updated successfully"
    "entity": {
        "first_name": "Api partner",
        "last_name": "Vicky",
        "dob": "1999-06-17",
        "gender": "Female",
        "marital_status": "Single",
        "mobile": "2348119204141",
        "email": "[email protected]",
        "address": "Phase",
        "state": "Lagos",
        "city": "Lagos",
        "activated": 1,
        "hmo_package": null,
        "policy_no": null,
        "uuid": "8d1c7d3e-6c34-459f-8e37-5d70ade2d8df",
        "budget_amount": "2000",
        "plan_status": 0,
        "hospitals": null,
        "plan_effective_date": null,
        "plan_expiry_date": null,
        "photo": null,
        "active_hospitals": [
                "state": null,
                "hospital_name": null,
                "mobile": null,
                "_id": null
        "effective_start_date": "",
        "_id": 1005
    "meta": null
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