Create Company under Super Company

This page will help you get started with Create Company under Super company.

An admin has the permission to make a company into a Super Company

Staging -

POST request

Authorisation: Pass the API KEY of the Super Company in the headers

Below is the request body payload.

Size options (1-10, 11-50, 51-100, 101-500)
Designation Options ( Human Resource, Customer success, CEO/MD/COO, Accountant, Product Manager/Owner, Content Manager, Administrative officer, IT/Engineer, Others)

{    "mobile": "String(required)",
     "email": "String(required)",
     "first_name": "String(required)",
     "last_name": "String(required)",
     "company": "String(required)",
     "designation": "String(required)",
     "size": "String(required)",   
     "password": "String(required)"


Below is a sample request body payload.

{    "mobile": "08127338877",
     "email": "[email protected]",
     "first_name": "Testcompany",
     "last_name": "Account20",
     "company": "Account20 Ventures",
     "designation": "CEO",
     "size": "1-10",   
     "password": "Password123"


Below is a sample response

    "status": {
        "code": 100,
        "desc": "Registration Successful"
    "entity": {
        "partner_id": "e1b2e179-eac1-4451-8499-4fe284c3c573",
        "first_name": "Testcompany",
        "last_name": "Account20",
        "company": "Account20 Ventures",
        "email": "[email protected]",
        "api_key": "{{APIKEY==}}"
    "meta": null

N.B: API key is returned in the response body which could be passed in the headers of the other APIs e.g. Add Staff

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