Policy Number Notifications

This page will help you get started with Policy Number Notification automatically

This is server to server call at the point of roHealth generating policy number to beneficiary.
It automatically sends policy number to the webhook url or notification url provided on roHealth platform

Partners receives policy number on behalf of beneficiary from webhook url provided on roHealth platform.

                 Step 1

Create webhook url on roHealth platform
For example - https://butterfly.com/notify_url

                  Step 2

Declare post request method in webhook url to receive policy number.

Note, this is an example for PHP technology below.
$policy_no = $_POST["policy_no"];

                  Step 3

After policy number has been received on webhook url, query policy number.

Note : The endpoint to Query policy number is below. It could either be queried with XML or JSON

                                           Staging query endpoints 

For XML - https://app.staging.rohealth.ng/?v_policy_no=608767654543&type=xml
For JSON - https://app.staging.rohealth.ng/?v_policy_no=608767654543&type=json

                                            Production query endpoints

For XML - https://app.rohealth.ng/?v_policy_no=608767654543&type=xml
For JSON - https://app.rohealth.ng/?v_policy_no=608767654543&type=json

Sample query response

    "server": "roHealth",
    "first_name": "Mohamed",
    "last_name": "Sallah",
    "policy_no": "HMO-608767654545",
    "mobile": "2348076500559",
    "company_name": "Ronaldo",
    "process_duration": 0.224767
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>